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Monday, November 19, 2012

Little People of the Woods

Birn Brothers
77 Pp.

This book is amazing and rare, and if I never sell it, I won't be upset, because then I get to keep it forever!  There are beautiful full-color illustrations throughout of the little people of the woods.  There's Archie the acorn, Mr. Cuthbert Conker, Mr. Mushroom, and many more!


  1. Thank you for making a 56 yr old happy. I've been searching for Cuthbert since I was a small girl, my aunt used to read this to me but I'd begun to think I'd imagined him
    Its just sad I'm not in a position to buy this book . enjoy him for many years & thank you for bringing a smile to my face x

  2. been looking for this book dose anyone have it many thanks

  3. I want a copy too! Just bought all of the orignal paintings with the publishers stamps on the reverse.

  4. I've also been looking for this book for very many years and would love to obtain a copy. We had a family copy as a child and I suspect my very tidy and unsentimental mother perhaps and unwittingly disposed of it. It is such an enchanting publication. I truly hope to obtain another copy some day soon...

  5. Thank you for finding Cuthbert Conker for me. I drew pictures of him all over the front of my mother's piano music book of Beethoven! I can only think I owned this book once, though have no idea what happened to it. Hoka [Mary]

  6. I too have been looking for Cuthbert. I grew up with this guy and when I checked the internet 3 years ago he was missing! Glad that he has been restored to his rightful place in history.