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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Story Parade (Child Horizons) Textbook

Edited and compiled by Esther M. Bjoland
Art Director: Glenn Price
Associate Artists: Joan Anglund, Claude Bentley, Eleanore Bowman, Elmer Jacobs, George Okomoto, Joe Pearson, and Henry Wenclawski
Standard Educational Society, 1954
192 Pp.
Medium Hardcover

A great old book with beautiful illustrations and stories by Elizabeth Coatsworth, Katharine Garbutt, Hazel Dannecker, Rachel Field, Jane Taylor, Kate Louise Brown, William B. Rands, A. A. Milne, Hans Christian Andersen, Margery W. Bianco, R. L. Stevenson, James S. Tippett, Frances Clark Sayers, Marguerite de Angeli, Nancy Byrd Turner, Rose Fyleman, Betty Boyles, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Elizabeth Baker, James S. Tippett, Jack Conroy, Rose Fyleman, and Elizabeth M. Roberts.

Oh, wow!  The illustrations in this book are so very, very beautiful.  The very best of animals in outfits!

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